The Importance of SEO for B2B Marketers

Eighty-nine percent of B2B purchase decision makers (or contributors to the decision process) use the internet during the research process [1]. Additionally, more than 70 percent of searchers do not pass page one on Google search results, with the first five results capturing 67 percent of all the c… Read on

by Yulia Tribrat

Brand Positioning Avoids Discounting

In part one of our series, we explored how discounting wars begin and how to get out of them – or, even better, avoid them altogether. In this piece, we’ll explore how strategic positioning can keep your products out of the discounting fiasco. Essentially, strategic positioning will help your produ… Read on

by ABI

Why Businesses Need Enhanced B2B Communications in Asia

Many businesses from around the world are vying for a market share in Asia. While many of these businesses understand the importance of establishing good relationships with their Asian stakeholders, not many know how to effectively reach out to them. Personal relationships built on empathy towards … Read on

by Juliet Zhu

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