You Chat, WeChat, Everybody Chats

As we look ever more closely at marketing trends around the world, Asia stands out as a region that is contributing its fair share of new and exciting ideas to the B2B arena – particularly with regard to channels that focus on social media. Read on

by Juliet Zhu, Managing Director Asia Pacific

Celebrating a Year in Frankfurt

In May of 2015, ABI opened its Frankfurt office. Given the country’s strong economy as well as its world-class trade shows and proximity to our clients, the move was a logical step for ABI, marking the start of a busy and successful year in Germany. Read on

by Doreen Zoellner

How to Maximize Your Trade Show ROI

Trade show planning can be nerve-racking. There are many moving parts to consider: booth space selection and design, picking the technologies to exhibit, making accommodations for your team, shipping equipment…it’s enough to make your head spin – especially when these shows dot your calendar all … Read on

by Doreen Zöllner, Director (Frankfurt); Christina Wilcox, Director (Boston); Juliet Zhu, Managing Director (Singapore)

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