How ABI Plans to Provide Clients With Even Better Strategic Support

In 1980, I started ABI amid a recession. That year, I was supporting a handful of clients in the packaging sector. Fast-forward to 2017 and ABI has offices around the globe from New York to Shanghai. We work with some of the largest and most successful B2B companies in the world, all hailing from … Read on

by Alan Isacson

Agility & Humanity in Marketing/PR

Two weeks ago, I sat down to write a Trendspeak post that would serve as something of a trade show “checklist” for exhibitor promotions. That post was sidelined last week when Hurricane Harvey slammed Houston, TX. My intention is not to report on the hurricane and resulting devastation. Plenty of … Read on

by Christina Wilcox

Thought leadership content: a circular economy

Content marketing has been a constant in recent years that shows little sign of fading away, but are companies really making the most of the resources they have to hand? In a sea of feature articles, blog posts, email campaigns and press releases, how do you ensure your message reaches and engages… Read on

by Bernard Guly

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