Understanding the audience is key to maximum media exposure

When Saint-Gobain developed an advanced system of soundproofing products under the brand Green Glue (named for their flagship viscoelastic Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound), they saw immediate popularity and success among acoustical specialists as well as the DIY and home renovation communities in North America.

Saint-Gobain knew, however, that reaching out to – and gaining recognition among – the powerful and influential Architecture and Construction audiences, would be key to ensuring that the Green Glue system was specified in new building projects and vital to driving the technology’s success.

To reach out to these audiences, ABI implemented a comprehensive media relations campaign that utilized traditional print and online media to align the Green Glue System with the specific values and needs of architects and construction firms. ABI created a series of press releases and feature articles that moved the focus away from individual products and instead used the challenge of ‘noise’ as a means to discuss the issues these audiences faced with regard to soundproofing.

  • Targeted articles discussed with architects the threat to their own brand equity and reputations posed by dissatisfied building owners and residents;

  • Opinion pieces in building magazines talked of the wider issue of noise pollution in the urban environment;

  • Application releases addressed the role that effective soundproofing played in improving the quality of specific residential group’s quality of life.

The effect over the course of a 12 month program was to use the Green Glue brand to position Saint-Gobain as thought leaders that understood the needs of architects and builders as they related to their own customers and stakeholders, rather than as sellers of a specific soundproofing technology.

The result was beyond even ABI and Saint-Gobain’s expectations. The articles and releases were featured in numerous local and national architectural and building trade publications, as well as online portals and news sites. At benchmark conversations 6 and 12 months into the program, staff in the Green Glue department reported that the focus of email and telephone inquiries they received had changed dramatically – whereas previously the majority of inquiries had come from homeowners and DIYers, over 80% of contact now comes from the architectural and construction communities.