Living the brand

Creating a booth for a packaging trade show that attracts high-level specifiers from consumer product goods (CPG) companies is no simple task.  Zip-Pak, the global leader in building brands through resealable packaging, needed a new booth design that would communicate the benefits of its products and services on the show floor.

Well-aware that, ultimately, CPGs desire packaging that provides convenience and enhances the freshness of their products, ABI set out to work with Zip-Pak to create a market-focused, interactive booth showcasing “The Consumer Experience.” Each of Zip-Pak’s core markets—meat, cheese, pet food, frozen and prepared foods, and snacks and dry goods—was given a dedicated space where package samples and common household items were on display to help visitors envision how consumers would interact with their products.
Careful consideration was given to how attendees would approach the booth from the show floor, and messaging was crafted to reach Zip-Pak’s target audience from any distance. A key visual was developed to underscore the value that Zip-Pak provides: "Enhancing the Perfect Package." An accompanying brand brochure was developed to support sales efforts at the show, and afterward.
Zip-Pak continues to use the modular booth, key visual and brand brochure at major trade shows around the globe, enabling its sales force to connect with higher-level specifiers and maximize the company’s exhibit investment.